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Welcome to Morning Glory Puppies
Located on a beautiful family farm in Northwest Arkansas, Morning Glory Puppies is a HOBBY BREEDER of high quality King Charles Cavaliers and Chinese Pugs.   

​We raise puppies to be loving pets and companions.  Our breeders are health checked and paired to make beautiful puppies with the best chance for a long healthy life.   All puppies receive age-appropriate vaccinations.  

When necessary, we ship our puppies by commercial airlines.   The puppies will usually arrive on Wednesdays.   Shipping is $450  by Delta or American Airlines.  This includes a vet examination, health certificate, and airfare.

Please feel free to contact us at any time if you have questions about any of our puppies.

Phone:  479-422-4569

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King Charles Cavalier & Chinese Pug Breeders

We Sell Premium Puppies